Wednesday, May 12, 2010

KJUS Bandon Dunes

Just wrapped up a great 6 days with some fantastic people. The ski outerwear folks at Kjus decided that the rugged unpredictable Southern Oregon Coast was the perfect backdrop to launch their new summer line.

The Swiss company brought over a film crew utilizing Antelope technology- a super high speed camera that produces the most incredible slow motion footage. Check out some footage from Red Bull airplane races using the camera.

Kjus desired to produce a short film highlighting the human experience in nature and the elements. The focus was kiteboarding, golf and running (you can view some of their previous work with Bode Miller and Speed Flying in St Moritz here).

Anyways kiteboarders Sky Solbach and Kristen Boese came down to lend a hand. Super good people I always have great time working with them.

A big thanks to the entire crew- Lee, Ulli, Daniel, Andreas, Andrea, Karin, Silvia, Felix, Laura, Staci and Travis. The footage looks unreal- can't wait to see the finished peice.

Danke scho├źn!

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