Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Buffalo Field Campaign

Just spent several days in Montana with people dedicated to protecting the last herd of wild buffalo. An amazing experince I will not soon forget. A total emotional roller coaster.

These buffalo are being hazed for no legitimate reason beyond an ancient and failed wildlife management policy driven by the cattle industry and it's cowboy mentality.

At least one newborn bison broke it's leg and most certainly died as a result of this days harassment by helicopter, horse, atv and truck. it is quite common for pregnate bison to prematurely give birth during these frequent hazings.

Over 1600 bison were killed during 06/07. estimates put the current wild buffalo population to fewer than 3,500. The cost to run this managment fiasco? $2.8 million tax dollars per year.

I rarely get angery. this made my blood boil. See the day's video here.

Learn more go here , an incredible group of people I look forward to working with again in the future.

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